The number of children who lost one of the parents amount to 1,323 in total; in Miyagi Prefecture 749, Iwate 481 and Fukushima 142 (as of March 28, 2012). 
 The children of the families who lost their mothers
 are suffering much harsher environment as the mothers
 mainly have been performing household and childcare duties.

 In the disaster stricken areas where people are struggling for quick
 recovery from the unprecedented damages, fathers in their prime are
 requested to bear roles not only of rebuilding
 their own everyday lives but also of contributing to recovery 
 and reviving of the local communities and industries.

 The whole of local communities must support such fathers, 
 watching them warmly and carefully, 
 so that the stress as well as physical and emotional burdens
 which the fathers bear does not negatively impact them
 in their personal life or in their roles of caring families
 and children in this period of recovery and reconstruction.

 It is a most imminent issue for us, 
 with respect to children in the disaster areas,
 to focus, watch and support fathers also, and not only mothers.

 Responding to request from the Japan Committee for UNICEF, 
 we, a designated nonprofit organization Niiza Childcare Support Network, 
 are promoting ”Japan Earthquake & Tsunami;
Motherless Children + Father Support Projects".
 The project was started in the cities of Sendai and Ishinomaki in Miyagi-ken (Prefecture), 
 and in 2012 expanded into coastal areas of Iwate-ken (Prefecture). 

 We are offering programs and opportunities
 for experts and supporters as well as volunteers
 who are working with children and families in the disaster areas. 
 These programs consist of education/training for supporting disaster stricken
 fathers and children as well as training for “father supporters.” 
Furthermore, we offer multifold assistance in the areas
 of father supporting activities by establishing “Papa’s Stations”
at various locations where local information needed
 for fathers’ involvement in childcare is maintained, 
 as well as providing“Guides to Papa and Child Life.”


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