main activities

Main Activities 

(1)Childcare Support Center, “Ruhen” 
We perform administration/operation of Niiza Municipal Community 
Childcare Support Center of Sakae Nursery School under a 
delegation contract of the city since April 2004. 
Achievements in 2012: 
Number of users: 8,358; Number of consultation: 1,363 
(2)Get-together Plaza “Sesame” 
We perform administration/operation of “Get-together Plaza “in 
Niiza Municipal Child-care Center under a delegation contract of the 
city since April 2004. 
Achievements in 2012: 
Number of users: 6,054; Number of consultation: 1,066 
(3)Niiza Municipal Childcare Center, Childcare Center at Fukusino-sato 
(Welfare Center) (Delegation contract for Administration) 
(4)Free Space “Hug” for parents and children 
(5)Father Support Projects 
(6)Projects for people with special needs 
We have established supporting projects for parents and children 
with special concern and needs such as being handicapped, single 
parents, births at young or old age, foreigners, multiplets, childcare 
stress, violence etc. We engage ourselves together with 
researchers and professionals as well as research institutions in 
activities for support, prevention, as well as stuff education in the 
(7)Nakama Hoiku (Childcare by Friends) 
We developed unique projects of Nakama Hoiku (Childcare by 
Friends) whereby persons in the middle of childcare at home get 
together to share and support mutually the needs for childcare, as 
(Delegation of administration/operation) 
(Delegation of administration/operation)

well as refreshing themselves in the get-together. The scheme 
has been offered to local administrations and NPO’s throughout 
Japan since 2013. 
(8)Activities in cooperation with committees and other organizations in 
Niiza-city and Saitama-ken. 
(9)Activities/projects in coordination with local administrations, national 
government, various foundations and other related organizations 
(10)Activities/projects in coordination with private enterprises 
Unique programs as well as joint programs for social contributions 
are developed in cooperation with NEC, Nestle-Milo, Goldman 
Sacks (Securities) Japan, Benesse Corporation, Mitsui Fudosan 
(Real Estate) Retail Management and others and are offered to 
childcare families and children. 
(11)Activities in research and study, education/training in cooperation 
with universities and other research institutes 
(12)Offering of sessions of education/training/seminar, dispatch of 
lecturers, development of projects/programs/relevant materials 
(13)Activities for promotion of gender equality 
(14)Support of recovery from Great East Japan Earthquake and 
-First Nikkei Childcare Support Award (The Nikkei (newspaper) ) 
-Second Saitama Ogino Ginko Award (Saitama-ken) 
-First Prime Minister Award for Distinguished Services in Supporting 
Children’s Families of Japan 
-Award for Activities for Creation of Tomorrow’s Town and Life 
(Saitama-ken) and Encouragement Award, and others